5/28 Update:

At the beginning of the global health crisis, the Arizona Board of Massage Therapy and Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (the professional organization to which I belong) recommended that all therapists suspend operations for at least 4 weeks.

I believe it is in the best interest and health of my Clients, their families and myself and my family to remain closed through June 15.

As information becomes available and it is considered safe to resume operations, please know that your safety is a concern. Steps have always been taken before each day begins to sanitize the treatment room and this is also done between clients as well as at the end of the day. This practice will continue.

I hope each of you is taking the precautions that are suggested and that you stay well. I look forward to seeing you on the other side of this challenge. I am working on additional appropriate safety measures to protect both my valued clients and myself so I am prepared to safely provide services when I reopen.


massage therapy and related bodywork modalities are non-invasive, relaxing, and natural. it is therefore generally considered a safe treatment for most people. however, there are three types of contraindications. a contraindication is a condition or factor that increases risk to a client or therapist. a total contraindication, is when massage/bodywork should not be performed at all. a local contraindication, when massage/bodywork can be performed except over the affected or contraindicated areas.. a medical contraindication, when massage/bodywork can only be performed once medical permission has been granted.

the following restrictions are in place to protect your health and well-being. thank you for taking them as seriously as we do.

total contraindications

when you have any of these conditions, please do not receive bodywork if you present any of these:

  • fever
  • contagious or infectious diseases, including any cold or flu, no matter how mild it may seem.
  • under the influence of drugs or alcohol- including prescription pain medication
  • recent operations or acute injuries
  • neuritis
  • skin diseases

local contraindications

the therapist can perform massage/bodywork but not over any areas affected by:

  • varicose veins
  • cuts
  • undiagnosed lumps or bumps
  • sunburn
  • pregnancy
  • inflammation, including arthritis
  • bruising or abrasions
  • undiagnosed pain

medical contraindications

a treatment release, signed by your primary care physician must be received before receiving treatment if you have been diagnosed with any of the following:

  • cancer
  • pregnancy
  • hiv/aids